About The Purest Bean

It's that simple really! When you're as passionate about something as we are, we want you to experience it for yourself.

That's why we started 'The Purest Bean'...

We wanted to bring amazing quality and tasting coffee to everybody, but in a really simple and convenient way.

Luxury You Can Afford!

We try and cater for all tastes here at The Purest Bean.

With single origin coffee, unique blends, premium roasts and Swiss Water decaf, the connoisseur coffee drinker will be within their element experiencing what we have to offer!

We know that our coffee prices are slightly higher to those that you find on your supermarket shelves, but there is a simple reason for that...

They don't stock comparable coffee... especially in the 'freshness' department!

Helping Organic Coffee Producers

We only deal with a small handful of cooperatives, some of which are made up of just 3500 small organic coffee farmers.

They are producing over 100,000 sacks of coffee per year which is helping to fund the local community. The money raised within this Fairtrade programme is supporting over 200 schools and colleges.

Another benefit of this alliance is that it stops rural migration into the cities, and provides jobs and security to those living near the coffee plantations. Within this organic programme they have concentrated on biodiversity, sustainable agriculture and conservation.

Fresh and Straight to Your Door

Once we receive your order, we get to work on roasting your coffee (we will also perfectly grind for your specified use if required).

Once the beans are roasted they will be packaged into our specially designed vented bags that will keep your coffee fresher for longer.

It is then sent out using Royal Mail 1st Class delivery.

From our roasters to your letterbox in 3 - 4 days from order date.

We have an exceptional collection of coffee!

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